Exclusive! “Farmers should stop crying poverty” says One Nation candidate for WA’s agriculture belt

It’s amazing what you stumble across on the internet.

Today I found an archived discussion on the Facebook page of former One Nation Senator Rod Culleton about the so-called ‘backpacker tax’. This particular comment in the thread caught my eye, with its bluntly unsympathetic view of farmers:

“Farmers own million dollar properties… had a booming year here in WA. stop crying poverty.”

The author of the comment is Kat Zacklova. Who she, you ask? Kat – or Keterina as she’s more formally known – is One Nation’s candidate standing to be MP for the seat of Roe in Western Australia’s upcoming State elections. That’s right in the heart of WA’s agriculture belt, with thousands of potential voters employed in farming.

She also makes it clear she doesn’t support the changes to the backpacker tax to reduce it to 15% – changes championed by One Nation and its leader Pauline Hanson.

I wonder if she’ll be repeating the same messages when she’s out on doorsteps.



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